Graph a triangle on the coordinate plane. choose 1 transformation (reflection, rotation, translation or dilation) and apply that transformation to the triangle on the coordinate plane to create the second image

Accepted Solution

Answer:The answer in the procedureStep-by-step explanation:Letthe coordinates of the pre-image[tex]A(0,0),B(0,3),C(4,0)[/tex]The transformation is a translationThe rule of the translation is[tex](x,y)-------> (x+2, y-5)[/tex]That means----> The translation is 2 units to the right and 5 units downFind the coordinates of the imageApplying the rule[tex]A(0,0)-------> A'(0+2, 0-5)[/tex] ------> [tex]A'(2, -5)[/tex] [tex]B(0,3)-------> B'(0+2, 3-5)[/tex] ------> [tex]B'(2, -2)[/tex] [tex]C(4,0)-------> C'(4+2, 0-5)[/tex] ------> [tex]C'(6, -5)[/tex]   using a graphing toolsee the attached figure